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WALI + Partners offers training and education programmes for Financial Institutions, Family Offices, and private groups. The bespoke programme can be a 1-day seminar or a 5-day course, depending on your needs. WALI + Partners programme teaches the principles of real estate investment banking from an industry perspective. Participants are provided with practical knowledge often lacking in traditional academic courses on real estate investment. In addition to covering basic real estate investment principles, the course also allows participants to learn from practical experience, providing participants with the tools to develop an investment thesis, review investment memorandum and understand fee structures. For more information, please contact us by clicking below.

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“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me?” - Ayn Rand

The Power of the Purse

By Azeemeh Zaheer

Women play a vital role as agents of change in any society. We are a valuable resource for development of the civil society and national economy when we are allowed to join equally with men. The 1 billion surge in women employees, employers, producers, and entrepreneurs in the next 10 years would improve not only gender equality, but global economic growth.

There is a game changer out there that transcends beyond cultures, beyond political borders, beyond governments, beyond office glass ceilings, beyond the restrictive corporate world, beyond hierarchy structures, beyond domestic issues, and beyond our fear of failure, this game changer is Technology. Business and social change is happening out there and no one will be able to stop women leveraging this movement. Suppliers sell through Twitter, governments are overthrown by social movements originating on Facebook, and women are creating all sorts of enterprises online.

More than 126 million women entrepreneurs were starting or running new businesses in 67 economies in 2012. This is our life today...can you imagine what the future holds for us? Technology is our translucent curtain and the curtain has yet to rise... our show is just beginning. In order to survive today, and play in a global arena, a corporation must build a sustainable platform, using technology, and innovation. They must allow for flexible working and must make it conducive and inclusive for both men and women. Women represent a growth market more than twice as big as China and India combined. We control $20 trillion in global consumer spending, own or operate between 25-33% of all private businesses, and earn an estimated $13 trillion.

Women have made great progress in the work place. All of us here are examples of this great phenomenon. Without dispute, there are some core issues that still that need to be ironed out. The onus is not just on the corporations, issue is not about men, the issue is culture and our socialization process. You must incorporate a solution that takes into account the culture and environment.

Why Real Estate & Financial
Literacy Programmes for
Women in the GCC?

When it comes to investing, both men and women need to examine the same facts and due diligence. However there is a need for specific investment training for women in countries with a gender employment gap. Changing this dynamic could not only improve corporate performance but, help raise national productivity.

Education is one of the most powerful tools for empowering women, a catalyst for economic and social change. In the past few decades, the level of education among Gulf Cooperation Council women has improved significantly but still is not translating into jobs, especially in the banking, investment and real estate sectors.

WALI + Partners Ltd is committed to developing and advancing women on the path to leadership in the investment world.


of women agree that the lack of clear information makes financial decisions difficult.

Research indicates that women don’t want “products,” they want to understand what they are buying.

3 Reasons for promoting financial literacy for women:

Women investors control around 22% of the assets under management in the Middle East and we anticipate this will continue to rise.


Women Venture Capitalists


Women Angel Investors

< 3%

Women Hedge Fund Managers

With increased women in the workforce, there is a rise in the ability to invest.

I truly had a lovely experience at the Real Estate seminar last year. I loved the manner with which your team presented the real estate market in the UK and especially enjoyed how informative the detailed explanations were with regards to how investors can deal with this market. I sincerely hope you consider putting forth similar seminars that would encompass the UK and the more general European region.

Eng. Aysha Budastour, Kuwait

When Azeemeh asked me to attend the REFIP course dealing with real estate investments, I was hesitant because of my tight schedule. But, when I decided to attend the course, I felt that I did the right thing. The programme was excellent, well prepared, & covered different investment perspectives in the UK and international real estate markets. We had a chance to exchange our experiences each one of us had in our respective fields. I felt Azeemeh did a great job, it was one of the best courses I had ever attended.

Wafa Ahmed AlQatami, Kuwait

Azeemeh's done an outstanding job with our MBA students for 3 consecutive years by teaching Real Estate and how it relates to Islamic financing. This was a unique experience in the KSA to equip Saudi women with the tools needed to encourage education...while preserving their wealth and the wealth of their families. I personally love Azeemeh’s quote, “if you educate women about finance, you have paid the dividends to the world,” which reflects how visionary she is.

Dr. Suhair Al Qureshi Dean, Dar Al Hekma University Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

As a UAE National and business owner, the opportunities my country offers in the business field, amongst others, are vast. Enrolling in the “Real Estate From An Investment Perspective” course in 2014 was the best decision I made that year. The time spent preparing for this bespoke real estate program by Ms. Azeemeh was felt and grasped by most students since day one. The “REFIP” course has guided me in making better choices with plenty of confidence! I therefore call it “the enlightment course.

Maryam Bin Hadher, UAE

I consider the days training in London with Azeemeh, in spite of my background in real estate development, a life changing experience. Azeemeh was able to transmit, in a couple of days, a quick targeted brief, with tremendous information in real estate in the UK and international markets.   The selected women who were attending were all top professionals and executives. This course opened a huge network for me. I started investing in the UK since her course.   Rana Idriss, Lebanon

Rana Idriss, Lebanon

Azeemeh’s real estate investment class had an intriguing balance of lectures and active learning. From engaging with different age groups, interacting with entrepreneurs, producers and directors to visiting art galleries. Striving toward one goal, empowering women in business and raising investment awareness.

Nouf Al Zamil, Saudi Arabia


Women Will Play a Significant Role in the Global Economy

Psychological Differences between men and women
Money is never “just money”; it is a tool to accomplish many goals in life. Investing is about financing future dreams. We can fund our child's education, buy a home, travel to new places, eat well, embrace a number of hobbies, start a business and essentially have more freedom and flexibility in life. On the other hand, money is often used to control, or have power others, and create dependency. Money is emotional; there is excitement, hope, relief, fear, panic, and dependency. So essentially, because of its impact on our livelihood, money has the ability to reach deep into the human psyche.

Growing up, we all had different exposures and manifestations of money in our lives. We develop part of our financial psyche from historical gender norms and childhood experiences, which then affect many aspects of life from career to marriage and even investment appetite and view of risk.

Behavioural finance tells us that when we invest it is a function of emotion as much as logic – be aware of your own biases.

Studies indicate that women are more risk adverse than men even with the same level of education. Of course, there is a growing exception to this, women are often sharing that they do not understand financial products enough, and perhaps as a result, feel less confident about making financial decisions than men. Online research and data indicate that women are far more likely to favor simple investments over the more complex investment and higher risk strategies employed by men. Only 55.7% of women feel confident about their investing abilities versus 64.4% of men. (Source: Long Island University) Women take more time to investigate before they invest than men do. One study found that women spend 40% more time researching a before they invest and tend to be less impulsive. (Source: CondeNast)
Women live longer
Scientific data suggest that in today’s world, women (outside of extreme poverty) are expected to live an average of 7 to 10 years longer than men. Baby boomer women can expect to outlive their husbands by 15 to 20 years, on average. Essentially, women must have additional income for those extra years.

  • 90% of all women will have sole responsibility for their finances within their lifetimes yet many have not planned for it
  • 9 Out 10 Women are solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lives
  • Women live longer lives than men, have traditionally had less earnings through their life and are more risk adverse
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